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There are many unique features on a® front door

that you won’t find elsewhere. Make sure when you’re ordering from your front door installer, you ask for a DoorDesign® door.

13 Bold Colors for Your Front Door

Colours can say a lot about your personality as well as your personal style. Bold, bright reds are vibrant and fun. Cool blues are soft and inviting. Express your style with our wide selection of colour options – the door can be as individual as you like. You can choose from thirteen door colours; white, black, blue, red, green, oak, darkwood, cream, grey, vintage Chartwell green, soft Duck Egg blue or make a statement with vibrant Poppy Red. Hurricane tested

The average rainfall in the UK is between 700mm a year in East Anglia and 3,000mm a year in the Scottish Highlands.* So we’ve designed our doors to be fully protected against extreme weather conditions. Door-Stop doors are tested in a pressurized chamber to simulate gusting winds starting at 63 miles an hour and up to 80 miles an hour - that’s stronger than a hurricane. Then they are tested further by spraying two litres of water every minute directly at the door in their test chamber - that’s a serious amount of rain. So even when it's cats and dogs out there, your door will keep you snug and dry.

Conventional and modern door furniture

Colour door drips

Many other composite doors on the market are fitted with a door-drip (sometimes called a weather-bar) that stands out on the door. doors are fitted with a door drip the same colour as the door itself as standard on every door we make - available in all 13 different colours.

Glass Reinforced Plastic

Glass Reinforced Plastic, or GRP, has got a serious reputation. For keeping people safe, secure and protected against all weather conditions. It's used today to make the hulls of boats because it's super-strong and has exceptional wind and water resistance. That's also why we use it for our composite doors.

Don't replace - reglaze!

With our patented reglazable cassette system changing the glass does not mean having to replace your door. We’ve made it easy to reglaze without damaging the door or glazing cassette system. In the event of a breakage or simply a desire to upgrade the glass, there’s no drama, no fuss and no brand new door required.


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